Delivery conditions-Shipping costs-Warranty


Our delivery conditions as filed with the K.v.K. (Chamber of Commerce) in Lelystad, under number 39079544, apply to all delivery orders. If required we will send you a copy.


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With Airbrush Services Almere there is no minimum order amount but we do charge delivery costs.


You can specify how you want to pay with your order: via iDEAL, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cash on delivery, prepayment or PayPal.  If you have chosen for payment in advance, we ask you to remit the total amount as indicated in the order confirmation, to the nominated bank or Postbank account indicating the order number.  Following receipt of your payment, we will send the order to you. After placing your order, in the case of payment by credit card, your card will automatically be charged with the reference "AirbrushServicesAlmere - Nederland".  We recommend you to print a copy of your order information data for your own records.

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For shipments abroad we only work with advance payment, payment by credit card or PayPal. 
You can find our bank details for payments from abroad on the contact page.

Warranty: With the exception of airbrush needles and nozzles, Airbrush Services Almere gives a 2 years warranty on all materials unless otherwise stated.

As an additional purchase warranty, we have our unique "Exchange without Tears" guarantee:  Can’t get to grips with airbrushing (which we can’t imagine), no more time, stopped with your hobby or would you just prefer another product? No problem: in the first year following purchase, on exchange or refund of your purchase you get 70% of the purchase price refunded; in the following year at least 50%. 
Older than 2 Years 30%.
Obviously the materials need to be in prime quality. 
A feeling of assurance!
(This condition is only for the first owner, and we require the original invoice)

Disclaimer: Omdat Airbrush Services Almere geen invloed heeft op de omstandigheden waarin producten worden toegepast, geven wij geen garanties op het resultaat. Gebruikers zijn zelf verantwoordelijk en dienen de producten te testen om te bepalen of de omstandigheden geschikt zijn voor toepassing. Airbrush Services Almere is niet aansprakelijk voor enige vorm van schade of verlies behoudens het vervangen van beschadigde en/of defecte, door Airbrush Services Almere, geleverde producten. Wanneer u een bestelling plaatst via onze on-line shop, e-mail, fax of telefoon gaat u akkoord met deze bepaling.