Starterdays, courses and Workshops

On this page you can find the dates of our starterdays, courses and workshops.

For many years we organize our starter days airbrush for general purpose and airbrush especially for modellers.
General 8 June Fylly Booked

After the summer holidays we continue, keep an eye on the website or Facebook for the new dates.

If you want to learn a lot more..
3 Days starter course
given by Carla Verburgt.
You will learn all the skills and techniques to make a good start in airbrushing.
But most of all a guaranty for 3 very pleasant and interesting days.!
30 - 31 May and 1 June

Up to the next level with the fantastic 3 days Masterclass photorealistic airbrush on Aluminium given by Eric Velthuis.
Keep an eye on Facebook or the website for the next dates.

Pinstripe Workshops. by Martijn Krabman.
Keep an eye on the website or Facebook for the new date.

Modelling workshop Advanced
Airbrush, chipping and weathering techniques
Saturday 2 June, Fully Booked.