Cake Art / Pastry / Chocolate

Here you can find a special selection of  airbrush equipment that can be used for decorating wedding cakes, pastry or to spray Chocolate / Coloured Cocoa butter.

(Cake is sprayed by Nancy de Vries)  

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Quite new but already an airbrush is an unmissable tool to decorate your cake, cupcakes etc.
It gives you great creativity you don't have with a brush.
You can use regular food colours, Metallics, stencils or work Free Hand, everything is possible

Professionals in Cake and Pastry known our shop for years for advice and top quality airbrush tools. they use for all kind of work and Pastry championships.

For amateurs and semi-professionals this is another story.
Often we see quite good an serious Cake Artist that have a lot of  problems with their for much to much money on internet bought Chinese Crap airbrush.
Most of the time a guaranty for a disappointment.

Be wise and visit our shop for information or better join a starters day.Than you know what you are talking about and an airbrush will be a great tool to decorate your cake!